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Lava Art Cosmetics is a new brand which provides 4 natural cosmetic products of Norwegian descent using a subscription model, where with each purchase, they offer the possibility of a refill at a discount for the customers who choose to do so. The products are produced with an ‘earth-first’ and cruelty-free mentality.


The customer had built localized websites for 6 international markets, however they had not managed to reach the level of sales they wanted, as until October they mainly used Facebook Ads because Google Ads only brought in single digit monthly average sales.

Competitors were, among others, huge brands in the field that had localized websites; such as Maybelline, Lancome, L'oreal Paris and Clinique.


Our strategy, in collaboration with Social Active, focused on the synergy between the main paid advertising channels (Google Ads + Facebook Ads) and the right localization and customization of creative materials based on the user behavior that we distinguished in each of the 6 markets.

In order to achieve both scaling and an increase in ROAS, all channels needed to 'communicate' with each other on the customer funnel level, so that any visitor who visits the website becomes classified and targeted using the appropriate creatives at the appropriate time.

To achieve this, we created custom creatives per market and channel that differed visually and by call to action, depending on the market and the level of the funnel where the user was.

This way a framework was created of constantly updating text, video and image creatives at the Top of Funnel, Middle of Funnel and Bottom of Funnel stages translated into the respective languages.



The key result is that we managed, with a low brand awareness product, to meet the requirements of the customer who wanted aggressive scaling in a total of 6 international markets with excellent results not only in terms of sales growth + 200% but also ROAS growth, against leading brands with competitive prices such as Clinique, Maybelline, Estee lauder and L'oreal Paris.

Scaling 200% on Transactions (February vs October) that translates into an immediate benefit of € 208,000

12,000+ new Subscriptions, activated during this period, resulting in an increase of € 5,184,000 in the next year, based on the company's existing churn rate & average subscription order value.

Scaling from 7 to 13 in Google ROAS with ever-increasing sales

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